19 – 25 June 2017: Singapore

boeing boeing

Showing from 23 June – 22 July @ Victoria Theatre

It’s a swinging bachelor’s dream come true: three beautiful air stewardesses, each taking her turn as his girlfriend… and each happily unaware of the others’ existence. Sounds impossible? Not if you’re Bernard, our modern-day Casanova! With careful, down-to-the-minute scheming, he’s managed to keep his hectic love life cruising at the perfect altitude.

But turbulence ensues when his friend Robert comes to stay. Suddenly, Bernard’s schedule falls apart, as typhoons, volcanic ash and speedier planes wreak havoc on his precision planning. Can Bernard ride out the storm? How long can he keep it up? Fasten your seat belts – Boeing Boeing will take you on a mile-high adventure you won’t forget!

muscle mouth

22 June 8 – 930pm @ Esplanade Theatre Studio

This must-see performance features an arresting collaboration between New Zealand company Muscle Mouth and T.H.E Dance Company. Inspired by the complexities of visual artist David Altmed, New Zealand’s Ross McCormack sculpts a multi sensory vortex on stage with his theatrical and highly physical choreography; while Singapore’s Kuik Swee Boon, hailed for his mastery of form and aesthetic, pushes the limits of the dancers in exploring the art of the fight.

NS50 (1)

24 -29 June @ Ion Art Gallery

With this year marking 50 years of National Service, Commemorating NS50 Through Art seeks to capture the spirit of National Service, which in many ways, reflects the heart and soul of Singapore. This exhibition intends to showcase how this rich and eclectic tradition expresses the day-to-day lives of our national servicemen through various mediums. Even at a time when digital media are presenting alternative forms of information, visual art remains a compelling means to reach into one’s mind to excite and delight. As Singapore continues to flourish, local visual and art culture will partner this growth to chronicle our remarkable story. This evolution solidifies the bedrock of our culture and maintains art as a subject to be admired, desired and collected.
Over the years, many generations of Singaporean sons have served with pride and honour in defence of their country. In time to come, their sons, and the sons of their sons, will continue in this fine tradition. The development of art in Singapore has also gone through a similar journey. Together, generations of servicemen and artists have each contributed, in their own ways, to the continued growth and success of our nation.


state of change

STATE OF CHANGE (Opening reception), 730pm @ DECK
by Nicholas Koh, Jiahui Tan, Koh Kim Chay and Eugene Ong
Happening 23 June – 22 July 2017

STATE OF CHANGE is a joint exhibition presented by DECK examining the significance of memory in a city-state where change is the only constant.

Featuring two independent projects that employ photography in the activation of memory, “Some Other Way”, by Nicholas Koh and Jiahui Tan, and “Singapore’s Vanished Public Housing Estates”, by Koh Kim Chay and Eugene Ong.

With the onset of constant urban renewal, is documentation our only form of resistance?


yeo workshop

Artist Talk: Materialising a Perceived Reality x Art Day Out! 12 – 2pm @ Yeo Workshop

In conjunction with Art Day Out! in Gillman Barracks
Materialising a Perceived Reality Inside the Artist’s Studio:
A conversation between Filippo Sciascia and Mike HJ Chang
The artist’s studio – the birthplace of new worlds. Experimenting with mediums and forms, Mike HJ Chang and Filippo Sciascia are two artists whose studio practices reveal a fascination with the human experience of the world and the problematic of reality and representation.

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