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Zai Kuning’s “Dapunta Hyang”: Homeward Bound From Venice




Dapunta Hyang: Transmission of Knowledge by Zai Kuning returns from its showing at the 2017 Venice Biennale for a month long exhibition at Theatreworks Singapore. The exhibition runs from 12 April through 13 May 2018. A series of public talks and performances are planned. On 19 April, Professor John N.Miksic will present a public lecture, “Three Mountains in Malay History”. On the 26th of April, Professor T.K. Sabapathy presents his lecture, “Symbolic Content in Dapunta Hyang: Transmission of Knowledge”. Zai Kuning and Mike Cooper will present a music performance on 4 & 5 May. All events at Theatrworks, 72-13 Mohd Sultan Road. For detailed information, visit the event site here.

This visual essay, by Joy Ho, was commissioned by Theatreworks Singapore. Joy is a recent art school graduate and an illustrator and cartoonist based in Singapore. Her work ranges from digital illustrations for journalism to scratchy, inky dog comics; from dabbling in printmaking to working with her art history minor whenever she can. She will be having work in the National Museum and the Substation in shows coming up this month as well. To view more of her work, follow her on Instagram/Twitter at @feever_dreem.

Stay posted for an interview with the artist, Zai Kuning, about the journey of this work, coming soon on ArtsEquator.com.

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