Weekly Picks: Malaysia (20 – 26 Aug 2018)

Artist-sharing: Hymen Instinct by Sonia Kwek, at Rumah Attap Library & Collective, 22 Aug, 8pm

Performer Sonia Kwek, in conversation with her Malaysian collaborator Lucian, will share documentation and a new script of her solo work Hymen Instinct before the performance goes to the Asia Weekend Theatre Festival in Taiwan. The aim is to have an open discussion about women and sex/sexual desires, the idea of the Chinese feminine, and Chinese/Asian feminism today.

More info here.

I am Royal : Cape Malay Legacies and Contemporary Photography, at Malaysia Design Archive, 25 Aug, 11am

A sharing of photographs and archive-centred research in a talk by multidisciplinary artist Thania Petersen. The talk looks at her photograph series I AM ROYAL, which reframes the history of Cape Malay culture and identity through a strategic reclamation of her heritage as a descendant of an Indonesian Prince brought to South Africa as a political exile in the 1700s. I AM ROYAL focuses on Cape Malay culture and identity as a means to critically examine the effects of colonialism on Malay identity.

More info here.

Cikgu Disiplin Sekolah Aku, at Lot’ng, 17–26 Aug

A feared disciplinary teacher of the school ordered by the principal to dismiss students with disciplinary issues or poor academic grades. This allows the school to rise through the ranks, until the students begin to rebel. This theatre show is the finale of Theatrethreesixty’s festival celebrating ‘Malaysia Baru’. Tickets are RM43.

Performed in Malay. English surtitles available.

More info here.

Kuru Circus ‘Transmissions’ SEA Tour, various locations, 22–26 Aug, 8pm

Kuru Circus and Orchestra was initially conceived as a performance art project, but is now a live art and electro-kabuki music collaboration from India. They will perform in various Klang Valley indie music venues with very different supporting acts, so you can either choose the local acts you prefer, or a date/venue that works for you.

22 Aug at The Gaslight KL: Korean electronic pop band Love X Stereo (RM25 + 1 drink)
23 Aug at Live Fact: Berdosa, Skits, Trophy Knives and Donamarie (RM25)
24 Aug at ATAS: Capt’n Trips & The Kids, Shuuna, Otam. Live drawing by Feel Tu Penting. (RM20)
25 Aug at MOUTOU: Tinnitux, Tingtongketz and Deja Vu (RM20)

Intun Nation is also listed as a venue for 26 Aug, but details aren’t available yet.

More info at Kuru Circus FB Page.


Mahen Bala: Memory, identity, and the virtue of being stubborn, at Malaysia Design Archive, 25 Aug, 4pm

Documentary photographer Mahen Bala discusses the production of his book, Postcards From The South, which retraces the historic Southern Line railway of Malaya. The publication looks at railway history, its role in nation-building, and features previously unpublished photographs, documents and maps.

More info here.


Merdeka Baru: Konsert Merdeka Pertama Pasca Malaysia Lama, at The Bee, 25 Aug, 6pm

A celebration of ‘New Malaysia’ on independence day may hint of ‘Old Semenanjung-Malaysia’, but if you’re looking for some good music over this public holiday, head on over to The Bee. Bands include well-regarded rock bands such as OAG, Couple and Kyoto Protocol, alongside fresh new bands like Senja. Admission is RM25.

More info here.



Chong Kim Chiew’s first solo exhibition is a group show where the artist adopts various personas, to explore ideas within/of Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and how identity muddles our perception/creation of art.

More info from A+ Works of Art FB Page.

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