“In Time To Come” at LumiNation 2019

We asked our readers what they would put in a time capsule. The answers were heartwarming, quirky and intriguing – through each of them, there was a consideration of what deserves preservation, and an imagination of our futures. In Tan Pin Pin’s documentary, In Time To Come (2017), one time capsule is opened, while another is planned. The film will be screened on 16 August 2019 as part of LumiNation 2019

Like the time capsules in the film, the film itself is a vessel that transports us through past, present and future, a prism through which we glimpse alternate realities and venture into uncharted cinematic territory. LumiNation is a weekend of specially curated programmes held from 15–18 August to explore the Singaporean identity.

See some of the responses we received in the video below:

Video produced by ArtsEquator Ltd.

In Time To Come will be screened on 16 August at The Arts House screening room. LumiNation runs from 15 to 18 August 2019. For more info, click here.

This post is sponsored by The Arts House Ltd. for LumiNation 2019.

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