Weekly Picks: Singapore (9 – 15 July 2018)


dead was the body till I taught it how to move by Bhumi Collective 11-14 July 2018

The Bhumi Collective presents dead was the body till i taught it how to move, a performance and story by Dominic Nah, written by Edward Eng. The performance tells the story of Dom, whose father had a sudden death and his quest into the Bronx of New York City before returning home to Singapore and starting his career. As things keep happening, he finds the need to talk about it and in this performance, Dom will tell his story, or not.

More information here.

IMPEL Dance Convention 2018 by Dancepointe Academy & 5th Avenue School of Jazz and Street Dance 14 – 15 July 2018

IMPEL Dance Convention 2018 is back with guest choreographers from 1MILLION Dance Studio! Junsun Yoo, Hyojin Choi from 1M Dance Studio will be at the dance convention, along with Kim Dong Hyoung, the artistic director of 5th Avenue and Dance Factory. Them and resident instructors will be having dance workshops for the 2 days. Slots are limited for the workshops so do sign up quickly!

More information here.

Pesta Raya 2018 Classic Tarian Workshop Bengkel Tarian Klasik by Sriwana & Ibu Surianty 14 July 2018

As part of Pesta Raya 2018, Classic Tarian workshop will teach you basic zapin choreography, conducted by Ibu Surianty and Sriwana. Zapin is a dance that all Singapore Malay dancers are expected to know and Ibu Surianty who brought a repertoire of zapin choreography, along with others, to Singapore in 1961, will teach you just that. Comfortable clothing for this workshop is advised.

More information here.

Awallah Dondang 2018: Serpihan by NTU Malay Language and Cultural Society (Perbayu)  13 – 14 July 2018

Serpihan tells a story of a young lady named Syafiqah, living in 1980s Singapore who dreams of being an artist. As difficult challenges are constantly being thrown her way, how will Syafiqah achieve her dreams or will she crumble as no one is on her side when it comes to her passion? How and will she overcome 1980s Singapore that was not supportive of the arts back then?

More information here.

National Gallery Singapore – Family Art Workshop 14 July – 11 August 2018

National Gallery presents a Family Art Workshop starting from the 14th of July. As part of the workshop, (Re)collect, happening this Saturday, allows for both children and adults to explore the story of the National Collection and learn about the artists and artworks that are a part of it. At the end of the exhibition, participants will create a work of art with the help of a Gallery facilitator.

More information here.


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