Weekly Picks: Indonesia (26 February – 4 March 2018)

Top Picks of Indonesia art events in Bali, Jakarta and Bandung from 26 February to 4 March 2018

We would like to begin by inviting you to Tour Nyanyian Anak Bintang event in Bali this Monday at Denpasar Kolektif. Nyanyian Anak Bintang is an album of songs that are written and sung by children from Rumah Bintang, a social organization based in West Java that is dedicated to help orphan and less privileged kids. In this tour, you’ll get to listen to the album and get to discuss the idea and creation process with Kang Niki from Rumah Bintang. As an extra bonus, you’ll also get to participate in a woodcut print workshop facilitated by Sindikat Pesta Kebon. For more information on the tour, click here.

Also in Bali this Monday, is a mask making workshop that is held as part of the Samadi & Luh Menek Mask Exhibition. Samadi is a master craftsman who has dedicated his life to the art of mask making. He also believes in preserving the tradition that has been passed on over generations. Luh Menek is a Balinese dancer who has made the Buleleng style dance from the Tejakula village famous. Samadi and Luh Menek recently received the Bentara Budaya Culture Awards that are given to people who have dedicated their lives in the arts. Through the art works, this exhibition aims to share the art makers’ achievements and dedication. For more information, visit Bentara Budaya Bali’s Instagram here.

If you’re in Jakarta during the weekend, join an artist discussion at Komunitas Salihara on Saturday at 3 PM. Suryo Herlambang, Reza Zefanya Mulia and Ajeng Martia Saputri are 3 art makers and winners of the 2016 Karya Trimatra competition. They went on to do their residencies at various international art organizations and have returned to exhibit their works at Salihara. In this discussion, they will share about their works and their journeys during their residencies. To register and learn more about the discussion, click here. Don’t forget to swing by and visit the exhibition at the gallery before or after the discussion! To learn more about the exhibition, click here.

If you’re interested in picking up a new skillset, join the woodcut print and screen print workshop at Komunitas Salihara on Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM. Design and visual communication student volunteers from Universitas Bima Nusantara will facilitate this workshop. For more information on this workshop, click here.

And art lovers in Bandung, if you have little ones, bring them out on Sunday the 4th of March to attend “Petualangan Elio & Basil di Empat Musim” by the Acacia Youth String Orchestra. The concert will present Vivaldi’s Four Season in a fun way, including illustrations by Poppy Rahayu and narrations by Tiara Nur Utami. There will be 2 showtimes on Sunday, at 1:30 PM and 4 PM. For more information on the concert, click here.

We wish you a wonderful week and we hope you find something that interest you in our weekly picks.



Note: All information is correct at the time of publication. Please confirm directly with the organisers/event websites. ArtsEquator is not responsible for any changes to the schedule of events. If you have an event you’d like us to highlight, please email events[at]artsequator.com.

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