Weekly Picks: Indonesia (25 June – 1 July 2018)

Top Picks of Indonesia art events in Bali and Jakarta from 25 June – 1 July 2018

What would cultural heritage look like beyond the western perspective? Journey around East Timor’s Local Heritage is a lecture by Dominique Guillaud that looks at Atauro Island, an island in East Timor, and its heritage. Through the stories of myths, histories of its people, and local folklores and legends, Dominique looks at how these stories play a part in documenting the cultural heritage of the Atauro Island. Journey around East Timor’s Local Heritage is a free evening lecture that will take place on 27 June 2018 at Institut Francais Indonesia Thamrin location in Jakarta. To reserve your spot, click here. For more information on the program, click here.

If you’re a book lover and looking for a new book to read, you might be interested in the book discussion on Kura Kura Berjanggut at Komunitas Salihara on 27 June 2018. The book Kura Kura Berjanggut is a book by Azhari Aiyub that is developed from his short story that was considered Indonesia’s 20th best short stories of 2008. This tale of sea battles, treachery, and great adventures might be the next book you’re looking for. The book discussion will take place on Wednesday 27 June 2018 at 7 PM and it will be moderated by Zen Hae. To register for the event, click here. For more information on the event, go to Komunitas Salihara’s Instagram account here.

Award-winning literary figure Arswendo Atmowiloto has created many works in the last 5 decades. This Friday, Arswendo is holding a writing workshop titled Mengarang itu Gampang (Writing is Easy). In the workshop, he will also share his experience of being in the literary world. There will also be monologue presentations by students of London School of Public Relations. This workshop will take place on Satuday, 29 June 2018 at 7 PM at Bentara Budaya Jakarta. For more information on the workshop, click here.

Also in Komunitas Salihara, there will be an exhibition opening to ‘Grotesk’ by Natisa Jones on Saturday, 30 June 2018. Natisa is an artist that uses painting as her medium of expression. Her works explore themes of identities and human conditions in spontaneous and expressive ways. She also draws from her experience and personal stories, as well as her experience of being a woman in the millennial generation. To register to attend the opening of ‘Grotesk’, click here.

And in the beautiful island of Bali, the Unspoken Poetry Slam returns this coming Saturday with a theme of LUST. If you’re a poet and would like to register, email your registration to unspokenpoetryslam@gmail.com. To attend the slam, go to Rumah Sanur at 4:30 PM on Saturday, 30 June 2018. For more information on the slam, go to Unspoken Poetry Slam Instagram account here.

Have a great week and we hope you catch an art event!


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