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Mark Teo

“Still Life” by Checkpoint Theatre: Art Recreates A Life

In today’s world of Instagram, blogs, vlogs and reality TV where we gaze at other people’s lives, autobiographical theatre is unique for the intimacy created between the actors and the audience as they watch the life being lived, re-lived and rediscovered. As Grace Sherrill rightly states “In the live theatre of AutoBiography, truth claims the …

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Who’s Normal Anyway?

By Akanksha Raja (920 words, 9-minute read) Normal opens with a dreary, dull morning assembly at Trinity Girls’ School, immersing the audience in a mise-en-scène that is all too familiar to anyone who has been through any part of public education in Singapore. This bleary-eyed 7AM routine, of forced uniformity and subservience, is broken by …

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