Yeongmin Mun is a disability art researcher. She is researching disability art, barrier-free, and disability identity at Social Welfare Institute in Seoul National University. She participated as an actor in Therese Raquin and Freak Show, and as performer in Three Elements of the Play and Inconvenient Entrances. She also conducted the following studies: Manual for Accessibility to Performing Arts for People with Disabilities and Study on the Change of Disability Identity through Performing Arts.

Disability Arts — Expanding Ecosystems, Protecting Foundations

Disability arts researcher Yeongmin Mun reflects on ecosystems, access and platforms in response to the online panel discussion, Ground Up: Building Effective Ecosystems for Disability Arts. The full video is also available to watch, with Singapore Sign Language and Korean Sign Language interpretation, and captions in Korean and English. Art has no borders — that’s […]

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장애예술 – 생태계를 확장하며, 토대를 지켜내기

문영민은 생태계와 접근성, 플랫폼 등에 대해서 이야기한 그라운드 업: 장애 예술을 위한 효과적인 생태계 구축에 대한 글을 썼습니다. 싱가포르 수어, 한국 수어, 언어 통역과 한국어와 영어 자막이 제공되는 전체 비디오도 보실 수 있습니다. 예술에 국경이 없다고 했던가. 알레시아 니오, 김원영, 피터 사우 세 작가의 발표를 들으며 장애예술 창작자들의 고민과 시도에도 경계가 없다고 느꼈다. 싱가포르와 한국의

장애예술 – 생태계를 확장하며, 토대를 지켜내기 Read More »

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