Sean Tobin hails from West Australia and holds a Bachelor of Education (Drama) from Edith Cowan University. He has over 20 years experience working in Theatre and Education. In addition to heading drama departments in schools in West Australia, Sean also has over 15 years experience in the Singapore theatre and education circles as a teacher, performer, writer, director, consultant and festival director, since he first arrived here in 1993. He has worked full time with Act 3 International, TOUCH Arts and The Necessary Stage and was formerly the Artistic Director of the M1 Youth Connection. Sean has also conceptualised and directed well-regarded productions such as Close – In My Face, Sing Song, Tongues, The Perfection of 10 and Body of Land. Sean is currently the Artistic Director of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival and Heads the Theatre Faculty at School of the Arts, Singapore.

Image: The Necessary Stage

Completely With: Remembering Paddy Chew, Reflecting on Loo Zihan

Recently, I caught Loo Zihan’s second iteration of With/Out at Esplanade Studio Theatre. Zihan’s work is an artistic reconstruction and reimagining of The Necessary Stage’s 1999 play, Completely With/Out Character, based on the life of Paddy Chew, the first Singaporean to go public with his HIV status. Completely With/Out Character is a deeply significant work […]

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