Luke Macaronas was born in Australia, and is currently studying in Japan at Waseda University. Luke is an emerging artist and writer who works in theatre and dance, focussing on how performance practices intersect with ethnic, spiritual and queer mythologies. He is taking part in a residency at Gekidan Kaitaisha in Tokyo while also completing a Bachelor of Arts through the University of Melbourne.

Courtesy of Comatonse Recordings

The disturbing cruelty of Terre Thaemlitz’s “Deproduction”

Content warning: References to sexual content, situations and violence The final line of Terre Thaemlitz’s Deproduction reads: “Admit it’s killing you, and leave.” It is a neat summary of the work—a deeply nihilistic critique of contemporary family values and neo-liberal queer politics. But, as this last piece of text scrolls off the screen, it also …

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