13 – 19 November 2017: Indonesia

Top Picks of Indonesia art events in Jakarta, Padang, Yogyakarta, and Bali from 13 – 19 November 2017



Lukisan Tanpa Teori, Now – 23 November 2017, Galeri Cipta III, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.

A painting essentially is made up of brushes of paints on a canvas. Is there really a need for theory in painting? Lukisan Tanpa Teori questions that by bringing the works of Indonesian maestros from their glory era in the 70s. Nashar, Oesman Effendi, Rusli, and Zaini painted without looking at western theories or traditional Indonesian motifs. Curators Leonhard Bartolomeus and Gesyada Annisa Namora Siregar invite the audience to visit the exhibition and ponder whether such paintings affect the ability for them to be appreciated and whether the absence of theory prevent the work to be created. For more information on Lukisan Tanpa Teori, click here.



Equality – Minang Young Artist Project, Now – 18 November 2017, Galeri Taman Budaya Sumatera Barat, Padang

Minang Young Artist Project (MYAP) is a project that is created by various artists and art groups based in West Sumatra to read and map the latest contemporary art developments in that region. MYAP also plans to bridge relationships between Minang art groups and young artists. With a theme of Equality, the exhibition is bringing together thought processes, works and creativity of these young artists. Equality exhibition takes place at Galeri Taman Budaya in Padang Sumatra Barat. For more information on the project, click here or follow its instagram at @minangyoungartistproject.


Andalas Film Exhibition, 18 November – 3 December 2017, Padang

Andalas Film Exhibition (AFE) resulted from a desire for an alternative film screening space in West Sumatra. Titled “Denyut Baru”, A New Pulse, AFE aims to enliven today’s cinema climate and offer new options. The event also aims to start a dialogue between audiences, filmmakers, and critics. Andalas Film Exhibition has a series of workshops, classes, symposiums and screenings between 18 November and 3 December 2017. For information on selected films and exhibition activities, visit andalasfilmexhibition.org or their Instagram account at @andalasfilmexhibition_.




Ngayogjazz, 18 November 2017, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogayakarta

Jazz music is a spontaneous, free form, interactive, and expressive style of music. Ngayogjazz is a 1-day jazz festival that aims to recreate those values in the performance experience. Ngayogjazz chooses a village to be its venue so that the festival can be a part of the community. By doing so, Ngayogjazz wants the locals to feel ownerships towards this festival. Along with the music festival, there will also be an open market that the local can participate to contribute to the local economy of the village. Musicians featured in the festival, ranges from internationally known musicians to young aspiring local musicians. Come and be part of this community jazz festival! For more information on Ngayogjazz, visit ngayogjazz.com.



Charcoal for Children with Monez and Ninus, 18 Novemeber 2017, 9 – 12 PM, Denpasar

CushCush Gallery’s beloved program Charcoal for Children (CFC) has its final installment for the year on 18 November 2017. CFC is a free programme where children get to discover more about local heritage from local artmakers. Children will also create artworks using DIY charcoal and upcycle materials. The artworks will be showcased in a charity exhibition in February 2018. This edition of CFC will be guided by Monez and Ninus. Monez is a Balinese artist known using fables and animal spirit characters in his works. Ninus is a Bandung-born contemporary dancer that works with and is inspired by space. Join the session and experience the magic! To register, email balilagilagi@gmail.com. For complete information on Charcoal for Children, click here.


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