12 – 18 Dec 2016: Indonesia

Meta’s Top Picks in Solo, Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali from 12 – 18 December

Meta is a freelance arts administrator and a traveling yogi. She spent 16 years of her life as an art practitioner and the last few years as an arts administrator. Her first love in the arts is dance. She left her heart on the stage but her heart has since expanded and now shares this love with all the other art forms. Her other big love is people and culture; travel continues to connect her with humans of this beautiful earth. Here are some of her picks for the next week!



Gelar Sandiwara Radio “Omah Pager Waru”, 13 Dec 2016, Solo

Indonesia’s radio play had its glory days in 1980s through 1990s. This was during the time when most people still listened to radios and before television got into the households. After being forgotten for years, in this modern era, people actually started missing those days of listening to stories on the radio. The Solo art Institute (ISI Surakarta) and the local radio Ria FM, presents a new radio play in Javanese. This play will be read and presented by members of Teater Gidag – Gidig and Teater Gapit on Tuesday 13 Dec 2016 at Balai Soedjatmoko Solo. For more information, click here.



Pameran Cergam Medan, 8-18 Dec 2016, Jakarta

“Cergam” is a term that was used to describe graphic novels. Based on the history of graphic novels in Indonesia, the novels from Medan reached a high in the 1954 – 1963. Since then, Indonesian graphic novels faced a decline after the 70s. This exhibition was put together with the intention to re-introduce and re-acclimate audience to the history and success of Indonesian graphic novels. There will be various discussions and activities throughout the exhibition period. For more information, click here.

Kieslowski’s Year, 15 Dec 2016, Jakarta

To celebrate the well-known Polish director Kryztof Kieslowski’s birth 75 years ago, the embassy of Polland and Institut Francais Indonesia presents 2 of his films and a play adapted from his autobiography film. Both films and play are free to watch. Films screening starts at 5 PM and EXAM, the play starts at 7 PM. For more info, click here.


Workshop Teater – From Book to Stage, 16 Dec 2016, Jakarta

Calling all theatre enthusiasts, directors, actors and scriptwriters. The Japan Foundation, Jakarta presents a workshop and a theatre production with the theme “From Book to Stage.” The workshop will discuss the creative process around adapting a book to a stage. The performance presents two works that have been adapted from W.S. Rendra’s short stories. Only 25 spots available and both workshops and play will be free for the selected 25 participants. For more information, visit Japan Foundation’s facebook page here or send a Whatsapp to Naya at +62-852-4297-9652.



Museum Tanpa Tanda Jasa, 15 Dec – 7 Jan 2016, Bandung

Museum Tanpa Tanda Jasa is a touring museum that goes from one site to the next. Its intention is to start a discussion on democracy in the reformation period within the arts industry, though it doesn’t limit the discussion only to the arts. The museum displays artworks that had previously gotten into trouble or had bothered the community during the reformation period. They’re displayed again in this exhibition to revisit the discussion and to bring up that often times, the misunderstandings that led to how the artworks were viewed often started within the arts community. For more information, visit ruang gerilya’s instagram here.




Spray Jam, 17 Dec 2016, Bali

Love Street Art and curious to get your hands on making one? Cata Odata with Lukas Kasper presents a Spray Jam workshop. Participants will learn the basic practice of using spray paint and its application on the wall. Fee is IDR 110K inclusive of materials, snacks and drinks. Only 7 spots available. For more information visit Cata Odata’s instagram here.


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