Weekly Picks: Indonesia (2 – 8 April 2018)

Top Picks of Indonesia art events in Bali, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta from 2 – 8 April 2018

Start your Monday with Asimetris, a documentary on the palm plantation in Indonesia. A production of Watchdog and Ekspedisi Indonesia Biru and produced by Indra Jati and Dandhy Laksono, Asimetris aims to shine light on the palm oil industry in Indonesia and its impact on people, environment, the government and our lives. In order to present a documentary that is more complete, these stories were collected between 2015 and 2018 by a team of 11 videographers from all parts of Indonesia. To watch Asimetris, come to Rumah Tukad Abu in Depasar on Monday, 2 April 2018. The screening will start at 8 PM. For more information, visit Seni di Bali’s Instagram account here.

If you’re a film lover, don’t miss this opportunity to see films from the region. This month’s program for Kineforum, Jakarta’s alternative screening space, is titled Rumput Tetangga (The Neighbor’s Grass). We often think that our neighbors have greener grasses. But is that because we never actually dare to look at their grasses? Rumput Tetangga presents selected films from Indonesia and the region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, and the IndoChina. Perhaps, through these films we’ll find that we’re quite similar after all. Rumput Tetangga runs from 6 to 26 April 2018 at Kineforum. For more information on the films and schedules, click here, or visit kineforum.org.

If you are in Jakarta this Saturday and Sunday, support the young acting talents of the students of Salihara’s acting classes. On Saturday, 7 April 2018, one class of students will perform Rukman Rosadi’s Sketsa Yang Hilang dan Tersisa. On Sunday, 8 April, another class of students will perform a series of works from 4 playwrights: Eugene O’Neill, David Campton, John Boudin and James Saunders. This series of works will be presented in a performance titled Rendezvous Empat Kisah Cinta. Both performances will take place at Teater Salihara at 8 PM. To register for your seat, click here.

On Sunday night, choreographer Ery Mefri created Sangketo Wanita, a dance performance based on the matrilineal nature of the Padang people. Through this performance, Ery aims to question whether in a matrilineal society, women are still just a symbol without real power, although still having to carry the community’s responsibilities. Sangketo Wanita will be presented by Nan Jombang Dance Company on Sunday 8 April 2018 at 3 PM at Galeri Indonesia Kaya in Jakarta. For more information on the performance, click here. To register for the performance, click here.

Citra Sasmita, also explores women’s roles in her exhibition Under the Skin. This exhibition is the culmination of Citra’s 3-month residency at the REDBASE Foundation in Yogyakarta. In her residency, Citra explored the themes of female in the context of the Javanese tradition and culture that are reflected through the social relationship between the space and time. She packaged her observations in symbols and presents them in the exhibition Under the Skin. The exhibition is held until 28 April 2018 at REDBASE in Yogyakarta. For more information on the exhibition go to redbasefoundation.org.


We hope you catch some arts and have a wonderful week!


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