WINDOW by ATTEMPTS: A click away

“You walk into a black room. Right in the middle of that room, a laptop gleams dimly. A voice beseeches you to explore further.” What is WINDOW? WINDOW by ATTEMPTS   Or try clicking ANOTHER WINDOW WhatsApp Video 2022-03-03 at 5.44.45 PM Tags: attempts  Mental Health  online performance  Singapore Theatre  Video


By Joel Tan Welcome to my new column for ArtsEquator, where every month I’ll be giving you a little line-up of Singaporean and other Southeast Asian streaming content that I think is interesting and worth talking about in my typically TLDR, long-winded way.  I’m not even talking about Netflix (which I’ve already written about at …

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Did you want more sleep?: weish knows people are tired of livestreams

For artist weish, who is one-half of electronica duo .gif, this has been an intense year creatively, and one of increased self-scrutiny. Her most recent project, Did you want more sleep?, combines sound, visual and text, and references the artist’s personal problems with sleep. It is available online via video-on-demand from now to 31 December, …

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Bawean Pondok_1
Illustration: Hadi Osni

Orang Phebien: Telling the story of the Baweanese

Lesser known narratives involving migration in Singapore are in the spotlight with The Arts House’ latest edition of LumiNation. A new webisode series focusing on the Baweanese community in Singapore recently premiered with its first episode on August 1. The three-episode series is titled “Orang Phebien”, a term instantly recognisable to Baweanese people as the …

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The ArtsEquator Logo Challenge

The ArtsEquator Logo Challenge

Hands up if you’ve ever wondered what the ArtsEquator logo symbolises! 🙋 Few can identify all the Southeast Asian capitals represented by the red dots on the logo. We quizzed random strangers in Penang on their geographical knowledge of the region’s capitals – watch them attempt to tackle the challenge and see how many you …

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Theatre Wrap Up 2018

ArtsEquator Theatre Wrap Up 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we interview four ArtsEquator writers in rapidfire style on the highs and lows of their theatre calendar this past year. Listen in as Akanksha Raja, Casidhe Ng, Corrie Tan, and Naeem Kapadia share which shows they’d give up their most prized possessions to see again, which characters they’d each …

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