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Joseph Nair

ANWESHA – Beyond the Darkness!

By Ezekiel Oliveira (524 words, 5-minute read)  Maya Dance Theatre tackles mental health in a mashup of dance and theatre that gives us a quartet of characters all struggling with depression and social anxiety. There is Shazam, an artist struggling with depression, played by Shahrin Johry. Providing contrast, Bernice Lee lets her hair-down as Jane – a

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Podcast 10: HATCH 2017 and Release 6.0

Duration: 27 minutes Dance educator and writer Stephanie Burridge joins Matt Lyon in discussing Dance Nucleus‘ HATCH, a showcase of works-in-progress by the company’s artists-in-residence: Felicia Lim, Wayne Ong & Leia Ang and Yarra Ileto as well as Maya Dance Theatre’s Release 6.0. They share their thoughts on each of the works, also discussing the role

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