Editorial Policy


    1. ArtsEquator Ltd. is an arts media company that values and promotes Southeast Asian regional art practice. It is committed to developing arts writing and criticism which identify Southeast Asian creative practices as part of, rather than adjunct to, global contemporary arts.


Editorial Values

  1.  Belief in the importance of arts and culture
  2. Pride in our SEA Arts and Culture
  3. Commitment to rigorous discourse in whatever we do
  4. Inclusivity and respect with our dealings with others
  5. Responsibility towards ArtsEquator’s principal stakeholders, arts audiences, art makers and art critics
  6. The conviction that criticism must go where the artworks/artist goes in terms of subject matter, themes, character and more.
  7. Avoidance of all conflicts of interest
  8. Upholding financial integrity and responsibility
  9. Respect all laws and regulations


Editorial Scope

  1. We commission, create and publish content on our website, www.artsequator.com, our social media platforms and other online and off-line publication channels.
  2. We cover works across arts genres, including but not limited to performing arts, visual arts, new media, literary arts, popular culture, film, arts policy and education and culture in general.
  3. ArtsEquator publishes a variety of content, including but not limited to reviews and critiques, opinion pieces and essays, interviews, features, analysis, podcasts and videos, visual essays, quizzes and polls.
  4. ArtsEquator covers arts across geographical borders in Southeast Asia. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. – works made by Southeast Asian artists and arts organisations, presented in the region or elsewhere
    1. – works by international artists presented in Southeast Asia
    1. – events, policies, people, and works that intersect with Southeast Asian culture and arts in its broadest sense
    – international events, viewed through the perspective/lens of Southeast Asia


Editorial Integrity and Disclosure of paid content

    1. ArtsEquator’s content falls into two broad categories, editorial content and sponsored content.


    1. Editorial Content covers original content, created and published independently without any payment from sponsors, advertisers, arts groups, individuals, institutions or organisations.
    All our reviews and opinion pieces are produced independently – ArtsEquator is not paid or compensated in any way.
  1. We do also feature content co-created, co-published or cross-posted in partnership with like-minded organisations.
    1. In selecting what arts events, individuals and issues to cover in our editorial content, all of ArtsEquator’s staff and BOD must abide by the guidelines set out in our Conflict of Interest Policy and in alignment with our Editorial Values as stated above.


    1. 2.Sponsored Content is content that is commissioned, created and/or published at the request of advertisers, sponsors, partners and/or collaborators, for which ArtsEquator Ltd. receives some form of incentive, payment or compensation.

These include content produced via writing residency programs, mentorships and other capacity building activities that may be funded.

All sponsored content has a strong link to our core mission of promoting arts and culture in Southeast Asia.

    All sponsored content will carry a disclosure notifying readers that it is sponsored or paid-for content. All content produced in partnership or as part of programs run by ArtsEquator or other organisations will carry relevant disclosures.
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