Eddie Wong (b.1982) is a multi-disciplinary artist and researcher based in Malaysia. He completed an MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University. His work spans a diverse range of mediums, including writing, film, and computational creations. His research examines the interplay between narratives and technologies through the use of artificial intelligence, video art and installation. In his work, Eddie uses mythotechnesis (machine-fictioning) as a method to delve into personal and collective memories, probing postcolonial conditions, data surveillance and ethnographic explorations.

Spectres of May 13, 1969

Eddie Wong writes of the various spectres around the riots of May 13 1969 that continue to haunt the Malaysian psyche till today. He conjures up new ways of thinking of ghosts and their connections with the living, and pays tribute to those who continue to contribute to the much-needed conversation around this topic. This […]

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