Public Events

1) Public Panel: Writing Under Pressure

Saturday 25 May, 11.30am – 1pm, LASALLE College of the Arts, F202 (Free Admission)

Join in the conversation between critics and art writers as they discuss the current landscape of arts writing, looking at the challenges and opportunities that come from writing when working within small artistic spaces and communities. The panellists will discuss three pressure points: when the critic is also involved in making works within the same scene or has close working relationships with artists they may review; the ethics and opportunities that arise when productions or festivals employ “embedded” critics or bloggers to write; and the pressure to be positive, particularly in arts scenes that are under supported.

Corrie Tan (Singapore)
Fasyali Fadzly (Malaysia)
Katrina Santiago
(Philippines) Sadanand Menon (India)

Bilqis Hijjas (Malaysia)

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2) Critics Live: A Post-Show Response to Displaced Persons' Welcome Dinner

Saturday 25 May, 10.30pm, The Arts House, Living Room (Free Admission) 

For an insight into how critics formulate their responses to performances, join senior Thai critic, Pawit Mahasarinand and other critics from the region in a post show conversation about Checkpoint Theatre’s Displaced Persons’ Welcome Dinner written by Huzir Sulaiman. This critics-led discussion will bring regional perspective to the work, a SIFA commission , by one of Singapore’s leading theatre companies.


Dede Pramayoza (Indonesia)
Helmi Yusof (Singapore)
Hiroyuki Takahashi (Japan)
Pawit Mahasarinand (Thailand)

Kathy Rowland (Singapore)

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