MASTER CONVERSATION #4: Multimedia and Video Installation

Date: 8 Jun 2021, Tuesday
Time: 6.30pm (GMT+8)
Presenter: Shimpei Yamada (JP)
Critic-Facilitator: Bilqis Hijjas (MY) 

Shimpei Yamada (JP)

Born in 1979, currently based in Toyohashi-city, Aichi, Japan. His most outstanding work has been focused in designing visual projections for various performing arts. The aim of his visual work is to aid the connection between physical expression and stage performance. Recently, he has been working to expand the possibility of visual arts crossing the borders of performing arts and contemporary arts. Engaging in collaboration projection mapping works with diverse artists or visual installations with a playwriter. It is also worth mentioning, he is well versed in working with research-based creations and providing professional directorial skills for site-specific art projects. In these types of projects, he focuses on placing the projects in common every-day locations, as opposed to housing it in theatres and museums. His major stage work so far has been performed both in Japan and abroad, including in chelfitsch (theatre company), and other successful works include “Holes and Buildings” (projection mapping work) in collaboration with Teppei Kaneuji, and the “Eizo-Theater” series (video installation works) with Toshiki Okada.

Bilqis Hijjas (MY)

Bilqis Hijjas writes about dance, produces, organizes and teaches in Malaysia. She supports choreographers through residencies at private arts centre Rimbun Dahan, which strives to connect the arts community to issues of nature conservation, biodiversity and sense of place. She also publishes local arts criticism on her website Critics Republic, where she is keen to empower readers to engage in critical discourse. Her role as critic has fueled her activism, which cuts across issues of cultural labor, systemic dysfunctions, and institutional crises. She is contributing writer for CNN Philippines, and is teacher of multimedia arts at the College of St. Benilde-School of Design and the Arts. She maintains the review website, the opinion page, and has been writing at since 2008. She is founder of PAGASA-People for Accountable Governance and Sustainable Action, which seeks to build a new civil society for the urgencies of the present.


The inaugural Master Conversations series focuses on production and technical theatre. Through four in-depth presentations, led by master technical theatre practitioners from Southeast Asia and around the world, critics will get insights into and knowledge in the often under-discussed aspects of performance-making.