Date: 25 May 2021, Tuesday
Time: 6.30pm (GMT+8)
Presenter: Catherine Kodicek (UK)
Critic-Facilitator: Lyn Gardner (SG)

Catherine Kodicek (UK)

Catherine Kodicek is a costume designer and supervisor who ran the costume department at the Young Vic Theatre for 13 years during which time she worked with with directors and designers from the very start of their careers to international names on up to 20 shows a year. She has spent much of her career ghting for greater recognition and pay for costume workers through BECTU and the Costume in Theatre Association, which she co-chairs. She is also vice-chair of the Theatrical Guild and writes a regular column for The Stage. Catherine is willing to act as mentor. Her areas of interest are recruitment for costume in all aspects of theatre, opera and live events and the need to provide opportunities to students who are looking at careers backstage.

Lyn Gardner (UK)

Lyn Gardner is associate editor for The Stage and writes and broadcasts about theatre for national UK and international publications. She is the recipient of the UK Theatre Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Theatre, a Total Theatre Signicant Contribution Award, and a Tonic Award for theatre journalism.


The inaugural Master Conversations series focuses on production and technical theatre. Through four in-depth presentations, led by master technical theatre practitioners from Southeast Asia and around the world, critics will get insights into and knowledge in the often under-discussed aspects of performance-making.