Seeing ______ Through the Eyes of Impermanence II

Esplanade Theatre Studio 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore

In our ever-changing world, the desire to capture passing moments and transient experiences gives rise to questions about the nature of permanence itself. Are tangible objects and structures immune to forces of change? Could intangible forms, beliefs and values remain lasting in their relevance? What residues are inevitably left behind in the wake of impermanence? […]


cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival

Held across various locations

cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival returns with a riveting 13th edition that draws us back to the essence of dance: the body as instrument, and movement as language. What worlds, horizons, and perspectives could the medium of dance possibly illuminate? In our present flux, we let our bodies speak. Reflecting upon the chaos and conundrums of […]


Pán: Why are we here?

Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore

From the original work of Pán《盤》(Best Performance, Asian Arts Award, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021) comes Pán: Why are we here? — a re-edit of 2021’s livestream premiere with new footage shot in everyday social spaces to bring the explorations of transculturation closer to home. What do we have on our plates, and how do they […]


liTHE 2023 by T.H.E Second Company

Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore

Emerging choreographers from T.H.E’s main and second companies contemplate facets of greed, illusion and grief in a boldly tender triple bill. Building upon last year’s choreographic curiosities, liTHE 2023 goes closer and deeper. Fiona Thng’s tauted takes a hard look at the enmeshed issues of overpopulation and privilege; The world, pink at its edges by […]


Searching Blue by T.H.E Dance Company

Goodman Arts Centre 90 Goodman Road, Block O, Singapore

Moments of dissonance build up to a sense of oneness — the self re-encounters the world, others, and oneself. How do we perceive, and connect to, the wider physical world? A site-adaptive, travelling work, this November’s premiere of Searching Blue by Kuik Swee Boon and T.H.E Dance Company invites you on a journey like no […]

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