The Romeo

Victoria Theatre 9 Empress Pl, 179556, Singapore

Picture a dance. Let's call it the "Romeo", after Shakespeare's young lover who, in ignited enthusiasm, believed he could conquer death. Picture this dance, which would be known all over the world, although no one would know when and where it was created. A large-scale piece for a dozen performers, Trajal Harrell forges a speculative […]

SUARA / Oro Rua

Singtel Waterfront Theatre at The Esplanade 8 Raffles Ave., Singapore 039802, Singapore, Singapore

A work inspired by the power of the voice, and what voices and our breath can bring into being, with 'suara' meaning 'voice/sound' in Malay, and 'oro rua' in Māori, meaning 'to resonate'. SUARA / Oro Rua imagines a distant, post-anthropocentric future long after the world has gone silent...until the day our fossilised voices once […]

The Prose and the Passion

Victoria Theatre 9 Empress Pl, 179556, Singapore

The Prose and the Passion takes E.M. Forster, one of the greatest English novelists of all time, as its starting point, and is inspired by his letters, his life, and his novels A Passage to India and Maurice. Multiple timelines converge and diverge, bound together inextricably by the characters that populate Forster’s novels, and consumed […]

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