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Open Call: The ANI[MA] Project

July 4, 2023 - July 28, 2023

The ANI[MA] Project – ANI[MA] Directory is looking for artists and writers to participate in a virtual showcase, as part of the 6th edition of The Wrong Biennale from November 1, 2o23, to March 1, 2o24.

Interpreting the concept of “anima” (which is the Latin term for the “animating principle” and the Greek concept of the human psyche), project ANI[MA] explores the ways in which one experiences the permeability between our and the spirit world through artistic productions. As both a metaphor and a state of being, “anima” brings the existence of the livings and non-livings together into a synthetic reality as a way to decentralize a cosmology that inherently centers around humanity since the early age of Euro-Western colonial expansion in Southeast Asia.

Artists and practitioners who work with digital forms, including but not limited to video art [moving images], sound-based art, digital painting, photography, multimedia art, web-based interactive applications, etc. Expected number of artists/practitioners/artworks: 1o

Writers, including but not limited to independent scholars, art critics, creative writers, experimental writers, etc. whose works demonstrate strong intellectual rigor and criticality. Expected number of work: 3 . Following The Wrong Biennale’s “RADICAL INCLUSION” policy, we encourage artists/practitioners and writers at any stage of their careers to submit.

All applications will undergo blind reviews by A sông Collective and Tam Nguyen (ANI[MA]’s curator)

DEADLINE: July 28th, 2o23

About The Wrong Biennale 2o23 – 2o24: The Wrong Biennale is an art driven, innovative and collaborative biennial megashow, online and offline, bringing together curators, artists and institutions from all over the globe, open to participation and awarded with SOIS Cultura 2o19 and an honorific mention at S+T+ARTS 2o2o. Celebrating digital art culture since its first edition in 2o13, more than 8ooo artists and curators from all over the world have officially participated at The Wrong Biennale. https://thewrong.org/Biennale

About A sông Collective: A sông is an art club/collective founded and organized by artists since 2o19 based in Da Nang-Quang Nam, which has focused mostly on artistic community thinking, art-form experimentation, and living between art & non-art life in the central region of Vietnam.

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