Corey Koh, 20, started studying classical voice at six and has acquired an impressive repertoire. Corey has performed solo in Prague, Mexico, New York (Carnegie Hall), Tokyo (Suntory Hall), Vienna (Musikverein), Germany, China, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. He was a student of the Young Artist Program at National University of Singapore Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music studying under Professor Alan Bennett. Prior to that, he studied under Soprano Jeong AeRee. He is currently studying with Tenor Jonathan Tay. Outside of music, Corey is extremely passionate about History and Literature, and hopes to combine his love for these subjects through avenues like research.

In Search of Singapore’s Early Opera History

Corey Koh began with a simple question about the early days of opera in Singapore. Trawling through newspaper archives and scholarly articles, Corey, a young classical tenor who has performed widely in Singapore and abroad, uncovers a fascinating story of Singapore’s place within a larger transcontinental touring circuit, and gives us a glimpse into early performance criticism in Singapore.

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